PROJECT 1: "Peegeon" series

Peegeon is a South African television sitcom created by Warren Swales, that premiered on YouTube on January 14, 2019. The series is produced by Peegeon Productions. The show currently has one episode and a second in production. The show is currently waiting for investors to blow the series into a World wide hit series. 
Synopsis: Woz (Warren Swales) and his friend called Dave decide to open a funeral business. They go through the motions of creating a name for their business called "Peegeon Funeral Services", registering a domain, dealing with the real life complexities of starting a business in SA. The sitcom is packed with twisted humour and great ideas, funny scenes and more.

Episode 1: Watch Now

Episode 2: coming 8 march 

The second episode is filled with fun and laughter. 

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